3 Bad Habits of a Newbie Entrepreneur

Keeping this one quick and to the point, so pay attention for 60 damn seconds.

If you’re just starting out or you can’t seem to “get off the ground” as an entrepreneur…

You’re most likely guilty of one of these 3 bad habits (if not all of them):

1. Scattered Focus

2. Unrealistic Expectations

3. Procrastination

Here’s my 3-steps for dealing with those bad habits:

1. Pick ONE thing you want to make profitable, and throw everything else out the door for now.

2. Have patience, the great thing you want cannot come quickly or easily.

3. You’re only hurting yourself by procrastinating. Learn to fail quicker.

If you admit to being guilty of one of these 3 bad habits currently or in the past, please share and recommend this post! 😉