How Mike Went From “STRUGGLING To Keep The Lights On” To Generating $100k+/month In Client-Based Projects… Without Any Complicated Marketing!

If you want to flood your calendar with new appointments do not miss this interview…

Golden nuggets covered in this interview:

  • How Mike attracts & closes an abundance of incredible clients that pay him $9.8k-$25k for each project, and deeply value his work
  • The marketing & sales secret that everyone’s missing which gave Mike the superpower to attract infinite leads whenever he wants
  • How to effectively get more appointments & clients so you don’t procrastinate or waste time trying to become a marketing ‘guru’
  • The blueprint to ethically increasing your prices and where to find clients who happily pay good money to work with you
  • How to create your own productized offer that you can be proud of… rather that being a second-hand version of everybody else out there
  • The #1 lead gen strategy you need to do every day to generate high-value clients everyday via platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn
  • The shocking reason Mike wasted over $200k on courses, before getting help from Jan and other mentors
  • Why someone would pay YOU $5k-$25k for your service… and how long it realistically takes to get to 6-figures a month
  • The secret to making the ClientHook™ system work properly( and why it’s ultimate method out there
  • What Mike would do differently if he could rewind the ~8 years of failure with his client business. This one could save you millions.
  • How to accelerate your learning curve and create more freedom in your business via paid traffic & automation (when to run ads)

We went from trying to sell our packages at $2k-$4k (and really struggling)… we now sell our packages at almost $10,000/package. I even have an $18k high-end coaching program we’re selling. All that came from my original strategy session with Jan. – Mike Young, founder of The Makeover Master.

Update: Mike just hit his first 6 figure month.