How to get better copywriting clients

Yo —

Check this out, one of my newest students just had a life (and business) changing moment the other day *see picture below*


So what happened to him? Well, he received a 50% deposit on his first real client, the project is more fulfilling and pays more than he’s ever done as a freelancer.

*He was kind enough to let me show case this on YouTube*

“How did it happen..”

It was nothing complex, there was no secret sauce lol. In complete transparency I’ll put it like this.. hitting this milestone and achieving this breakthrough was mostly a matter of mindset… the best part?

I do actually have some badass tactical strategies for getting better clients, and they pair nicely with my approach. 

… But none of that stuff works if you don’t have the proper mindset going into each day.

Before I continue let’s make sure we are on the same page about “getting better clients”

Does it even matter to you? (I don’t wanna waste your time)

Maybe you have tapped out your full potential, or maybe you’re just complacent… nothing wrong with either, but if those things are true this may not be *extremely* helpful for you…

Now — on the other hand

If you hate riding the income roller coaster, and taking orders from micro-managing (up your ass) type clients..

Then — this stuff will seriously help you out.


Why should we set ourselves up to bring on better clients? Here’s a couple reasons:

    • The projects are more fulfilling to work through


    • You control the amount of hours you work


    • You control your income


    • You decide on the type of people you want to serve


    • You get to build a higher quality portfolio


  • (Insert any other no-brainer benefit of having better clients)

That stuff sound good?

— “No Kory you’re a fool I’d rather waste all of my time helping miserable people who don’t appreciate me, and stay broke in the process”

LMAO… there’s people that actually think that small, hope that’s not you 😉

Anyways how did I build up a business that allows me to bring on better clients, consistently?

More importantly… how do you create a similar situation in your market?

— It takes hell of a lot of hard work, and being strategic helps too.

*On a serious note though — there’s no one-off, push-button solution.. to making all of your “dream clients” come running at you cash in hand immediately.

And I say hard work, but it’s really just consistent work. Low-level algebra is more difficult than the things I do on the daily to grow my business… BUT,

The facts are this, consistency is something most people can’t handle… they want the “goodies” too quick and can’t chill the f*ck out during the process.

Sorry no getting rich tomorrow 🙁

Look, more than half of the battle is mindset.

You actually have to envision what you want.. You have to truly believe it’s possible.. (don’t close your eyes weirdo, I’m not Tony Robbins)

..And then you need to remove all forms of distractions and hesitation.

Focus on connecting with the people you want to serve at a high-level, kick everything else out the door including your new logo.


If you’re doing things like editing your website, or colors, or re-doing your opt in page… etc

Yeah all of that nonsense.. it’s for hobbyists, not entrepreneurs.

When you build a real business, you can hire people to do those low level tasks like edit your website. (yeah I said your website is a low level task)

There’s multi-millionaires without a website, it’s not relevant for now if it’s going to be consuming a lot of your time.

It’s ironic, the people who question the simplicity of my website aren’t nearly making as much of an impact in the market place.


OK.. figure out who you want to serve, decide on a price and don’t think twice.


That’s the only way to bring on significant deals, make more significant offers.

The old approach: Find people who are looking for copywriting, make an offer (along with a gazillion other people). Rely on outside factors to create new business.

The new approach: Find people who don’t realize they need good copywriting, create content around the problem that *good* copy can solve, and eventually personally connect with them. (then make an offer). Rely on internal actions to create new business (the ball is in your court)

Here, I put together 3 things I do *consistently* to keep my pipeline full and connect with ideal clients:

    1. Build and Nourish a Quality Email List… I love when this is done correctly, and when it is ..calling it an evergreen asset would be an understatement. The wrong way to do this is to think of a random freebie offer that would pique someone’s interest enough for an opt-in. If that is all it’s designed to do, that is all you will get. You want to quickly get someone attached to your brand… how? Provide a quick solution to one problem — give it away for free in return for their information. I’ll use one of my main funnels as an example.. The first thing I needed to do was determine what my final offer would be, for this example I want to sell my Facebook AD conversion copywriting service. My goal will be to natively educate them on what their biggest problem with running ads is… copy. So I created a 7-step guide to running profitable facebook ads… the most important step in that guide? Bingo, copy. Okay so they know of this “copy” thing now. My next job is to follow up with emails building more “flame to the fire”.. idk if that makes sense. Basically I could do something like send a case study on how changing the copy for a recent client got them a 4x return on their ads. Eventually I am able to ask these people to speak to me about their copy, I audit it, tell them why it sucks (if it does), and then I make my offer. Again, this isn’t just a 30 day process and boom business is good.. this is a strategy to implement and optimize for years. HOWEVER, you do NOT need a big e-mail list. In fact I have a rather smaller one.


    1. Leverage Facebooks Underestimated Gold-Mine… What could that be? Facebook Groups. And no, I don’t mean going into groups and stirring up havoc like I do LOL.. I’m talking about building a relevant long-term community inside of your market. This is similar to the e-mail list in some ways, but it also has some very unique advantages. When you do the group thing correctly it becomes it’s own platform where you can educate people and demonstrate your expertise, while simultaneously creating a resource hub for people in your niche. Oh but you don’t have a following? No worry, I’ve got good (free) news for you. You can blow up a Facebook group for pennies on the dollar, I have a training on my public YouTube channel showing exactly how we are doing that for a client of ours. Here’s an example of how someone could leverage it, let’s say you write copy for female entrepreneurs… how crazy simple would this be: You make a community of female entrepreneurs, build content around the pain-points your service (copy) fixes, and then kindly make offers when the time is right.


  1. Pick up the phone (don’t be scared)… I rarely ever need to *leverage* my portfolio/past work, or use it as a bridge to landing deals. Typically, the clients you will want to work with don’t care about what you’ve done in the past. Of course it’s good to establish credibility in the fact that you’ve actually done it before.. however good clients mostly care about what they want. As long as you can deliver what they want, the other stuff really doesn’t make or break decisions. In the eyes of your prospect confidence indicates your ability to bring in results, and clarity in what the results will be… seals the deal. Look, some of the people you may want to land as a client might have a team and assistants handling 99% of their contact points (e-mail, social, etc.)… your high-tier client might not have the time to check that stuff. If you can get on the phone, I highly advise it. My rule of thumb is this… if you are not on 3–5 calls a week with *potential* high-value clients than things can get rough. Good news: That’s less than 20 calls a month.


Well, you decide…

Will you keep looking for a golden ticket?

Or are you willing to grow the long-term foundation and put simple processes in your agenda that over time will lead to big results…?

Take this stuff and implement it — I don’t educate on theory 🙂

Note: This is an excerpt from a past Medium article written by Kory.